It’s getting warmer outside,
Why don’t you come down to the chapel and spend an hour in the cool, quiet mystery of Jesus? He is there waiting for you!

We have a new
Automatic Defibrillator replacing the older model we had before. All those who have trained on the old defibrillator need to update themselves on the new unit. Please contact Gail in the office to set up a training session. Anita Osweiller will be giving the training.

Travelers take advantage of to help you find a church for Sunday Mass. Be careful and wear your seatbelt, we want to see you again in church!

Help Is Always Needed at Neighbor to Neighbor. During the current economic crisis, those who have little suffer the most. Please give what you can.

Anyone wishing to learn CPR can contact Gail to find out when the classes are scheduled. The classes are offered at JRMC in the evening. They last approximately three hours for newcomers and an hour for those who need to re-certify. We are fortunate to have an Automatic Defibrillator at church, but in order to use it you must take the CPR class.

THANK A PRIEST TODAY. They are our way to Heaven, through Jesus Christ.

Please place your communication equipment on silent or off prior to coming into the church.